Lyrics to Call It Back
Call It Back Video:
Can I get back the love that I gave you?
The love that I've received just ain't getting me by
And now there's another love
That can take what I gave you
Can I get back the calls that I placed to you?
All the dreams I whispered in your ear
'cause now I feel there's nothing left for me to whisper

What is love when it leaves you
And it can't follow through or
Do things that it promised you?
What is love when it leaves you
And it's walking out that door?
You wanna call it back
You know it won't listen
Call it back, it won't listen

Can I get back the time I went to go see you
But now I want to see someone else
But I'm thinking to myself that I'm wasting my time again
And in return I'll give you back what you gave to me
It's isn't much but I think I can do
Without a headache and a broken heart
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