Lyrics to Call Back
Call Back Video:
Penetrate to prevent split ends
Like Michael Jackson and his little friends
Sports help me unload a lotta stuff
Like Henry Rollins I'm a real cream puff
Stab me in the back and bleed a little stronger
My head's in red I'm waiting no longer
Shouldn't you be gettin' ready for your call back?
Shouldn't you be gettin' ready to fall back?
Choke, choke [4X]
Break a leg [2X]
I should've known we're both in for trouble
Puttin on a mask and friends in rubble (?)
Choke, choke
Break a leg
Break an egg
Is that your sister she seems really tall, man
I always thought she's just a doormat
She slept with the director for the part
Shouldn't you be gettin' ready to fall apart?
Choke, Choke [8X]
Just like a cat she's always landing on her feet,
Not on her back
I can play Maggie the Cat
Don't think she's got the beat on the brat
Choke, Choke [8X]
Severed lip zit
Thrash your hip
Deep club mist (?)
Dimestore cutie
Judy Juicy Fruity
Cookie cutter Tweety
Tug a war beauty
Pink salt fruity
Long lasting Lassie
Rose colored booty (?)
Street laced sooty (?)
Fresh scented Fifi
Shimmer sharp shooty
Long legged Louie
Delicate Dolores
Superbowl whore
Aberrated mother
Seeky weeky peeky (?)
Fast talkin' pity
Beer punk pretty (?)
Sidewalk kitty
Tuff torn titty
Wack water woody
Tweak smellin' Suzy
Butter block bully (?)
Heavy letter Perry
Super great cherry
Shit-lame Betty(?)
Single with a titty(?)
Angel haired hurry
Super sexy chewy
Long layered limo (?)
Pussycat pillow
Sour ass Jimmy
Let's lock Lorna (?)
Male broke informer(?)
Double fisted mourner
Green truckin' thunder
(You) Can never pull me under.
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