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Lyrics to California (We've Hade Enough)
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I've heard so much about california. Sad to say that I'm not impressed.

I swear before you put my body in the ground I'll see every country, state and town, but my mind can't take the thought of leaving home again. My eyes are fighting sleep on this fourteen hour drive. With every sunset comes a night that I try my best to find any signs of life.

But this sharp guillotine cuts everything between my head and chest. I swear I'm having trouble breathing.

We've had enough. I can tell we're not the only one. This city's pulling us apart. Begging me to burn it down. We've had enough. I can tell We're not the only ones. Can figure out just why I left. My love is nowhere to be found.

I wrote the book on giving yourself a bad name. I traded my girl in for these nights alone and no guarentee of a steady home. I hope the cracks in this dam surely don''t give way. If it's bound to break then it's bound to break. We'll run this train into the ground.
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