California Time Lyrics

Chris Murray

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Lyrics to California Time
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Well you walk and you talk, barefoot and sign.
Oh, I know what you mean, California time.
See my spirit and me are not doing fine,
At the edge of the nation, things start to unwind.

California time.

When you walk and you talk out on the line,
Where the sand turns to sea, California time.
Far away, yesterday, are left behind,
Just the sound of the ocean and salt spray in my mind.

California time.

I'm driving north along the coast,
If there's a heaven, I know I'm close.
Your postcard scenes are in my dreams,
But don't think that they're why I came. Oh.

Reach your arms out to me, whisper you're mine,
Now my sun sets on you, California time.
Though completion I seek, jigsaw I find,
I'll come back for the pieces that I've left behind.

California time.
Songwriters: DAVID MURRAY
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