Lyrics to California
California Video:
Lady, come into my room, I pretend I'm sleepin', Half an eye on you. Slow, you take off your clothes, You knew I was watchin', Said, ?How'd ya like the show?? Then I told ya I loved ya an' you said, ?Yeah I know.? Babe I thought I could die before I'd ever let go. Well, I fell under a spell, All the love you gave me I took it from myself. And no matter what you tried, I wouldn't let you help me, Or look you in the eye. I remember the day that we said our goodbyes, Though I can't for the life of me remember why. I'm still going into town now too often Nails in my coffin, to auld lang syne, Everytime, everytime. I, I was afraid of time, If I didn't change me, I would fall behind. And so, I went on the road, On to California, Here I am alone. I know how to do right but I've been getting' it wrong, Now I'm sittin' here hopin' I'll come back to form.

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