California Blues Lyrics

Gene Autry

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Lyrics to California Blues
California Blues Video:
I'm a-goin' to California where they sleep out ev'ry night I'm a-leavin' you, mama, cause I know you don't treat me right (yodelahee) Listen to me (to your daddy), mama, sing you this lonesome song You've got me worried now but I won't be worried long (yodelahee) Let me tell you something, mama (good gal), that you don't know I'm a do right pappa, and got a home ev'rywhere I go (yodelahee) I got the Caifornia blues, and I'm sure gonna leave you here (gal) I may right that... I ain't got no railroad fare (yodelahee) (sp: Lord, Lord, Lord, yes, go South) Now (Lord) I can't understand what makes me treat me like you do (do, do) But if you don't want me, mama, it's the same, I don't want you

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