Lyrics to Calgary Girls
Calgary Girls Video:
In dark corners and balls and ballrooms, boys get childish and grow up too soon
I sit and stare at the Calgary girls, their pretty hair in their mummy's pearls
until the fear wells up and hits me I send letters to a comfortable history
I used to have it all now my head falls hard and alone onto a motel pillow

And I know there's a script that I could rehearse
and there are lines and I can make them work but I don't want them
I want you
and It's not like there's a space that I need to fill
or like I have any time that we could kill but I don't need this
I need you
and this is the exact thing that I always do

We used to lie right here and speak, we were fucking great between these sheets
that you brought to replace the old ones she left when she needed her own space
and I took the hand-me-downs and I flipped the covers inside out
and I'll pretend that I'm different now
and the first time we made love it was dark and we were drunk
in someone else's hostel bathroom
and you turned you back to me and I said,
"If this is the first of many then turn back around...
so I can fucking kiss you"

And if you see me again holding up some dive bar's end
with a whiskey sat far too naturally between my legs
will you saunter over smokily and tell my about your family
and I'll tell you you were right when you said I'd end up lonely
and I'll tell you that my life didn't crack up to what our life would have been
and I'll stand up to say something, fall straight back into my seat
and you will check you watch and say, "it's probably time for you to leave"
I'll stand up to say something brave and grand and fall straight back in my seat
and you will check your watch and say it's probably time for you to leave
and you will offer me a ride
only cause it's so fucking cold outside
you were always far too kind
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