Lyrics to Cain and Abel
Cain and Abel Video:

what you hold in your hands
is a good gift. It is the first
of your land. You have a brother,
he has his own gift too. And it is murder,
upon the land, up on you. You don't know why
the people do what they do. It is a fading
light, though it once felt so new.

Did he call you brother?
Did it once ring true?

It is a violent order
you were placed into,
and it isn't through.

Cain look!

You've got his blood on your hands!
It spilled out, and kissed a dry land
that was thirsty, and begging
for a drink, with an open mouth
you didn't know could speak. It's saying

Right on, the Earth is spinning.
You thought that you were winning.

You crawl just like a serpent.

You fall just like the First did,

and the Last will.

So would you listen
to the voice from above?
Because it calls out.
It's thirsty for the blood.

But you broke down.
You could not provide.
You cursed the ground;
your mark will take time.

You're saying Hold on, let's be
patient. Abel just couldn't make it.

Am I my brother's keeper?

Or am I a new deceiver?

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know
where to go, where to go, where to go.

You don't know why
the hands do what they do.

Was it a split decision?
Or was it laid out for you?

Within your composition,
were you only true?

You were a violent man.

Were you the first to choose?

Are you forgiven?

He put a mark on you,
and He's saying

Come on, it's time
to face this. You thought that you were
wasted. You fall just like your parents.
You walk in new awareness, with a mark
on you to see you through.

He put a mark on you,
He will see you through.

Oh it is not through!
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