Lyrics to Caffeine Budget
Caffeine Budget Video:
I got a nicotine habit with a caffeine budget
Swinging in a pristine hammock with the magic to function
The rabbit hole is calling frantic without any assumptions
I'm hear waiting with anticipation for the mad hatter to punch in
Vigilantly Justice draped in a fancy dialog
Your lack luster insurgence can't see the Forrest for the fog
I'll hang you by the chorus for the love of repetition
Then hang you by the chorus for the love of repetition
Circus side show simpleton with a hat to match
Driven insane after a detour through the cabbage patch
Dancing with the devil holding a double goose while I a 2 step
5 slugs and one empty chamber is how were playing roulette
Well color me psychopath with a hint of sky blue
Completely lost contact with my conscience as it died with the daylight
I only laugh when inspired by the truth
Every foot step is a conquest of what's left to stay right...
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