Cadillac (Remix) Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 2: The Remixes

Lyrics to Cadillac (Remix)
Cadillac (Remix) Video:
[feat. Lil Boosie]

[Tony Yayo:]
I ride big mayne it's about 30 inches
In my new truck I'm fin to fuck dirty bitches
Maybach 62 with my feet up
With 2 twins in the back now I'm g'd up
And if them jack boys street up
I got the strap in my seat tucked
You young boys must be nuts
I'm a pit you a tea cup
They got g's on the caddy suck these nuts

[Chorus: x2]
Grain grippin sittin in my cadillac grinding slow
Grain grippin sittin in my cadillac grinding slow
Grain grippin, g g g grain grippin
Sittin in my cadillac boys I'm trained sippin

[Tony Yayo:]
Yea, yea, yo
I'm a boss, rozay by the bar
My pockets on steroids that chris benoit
Baby 45 the size of 380
I can't die my boo boo bought to have my baby
All these rappers in european clothes
My european cuts is the roof on the roads
Boss up nigga, get that chedda nigga
Getcha whip, getcha bread game better nigga
Cause when it rains it pours I thank the lord
Cause these material girls can't stay in the cars
They like hummers, ferraris and lambos
They like niggaz in the trap with them bank rolls
They like basketball pros and nfl niggaz
That dumar smell got my whip full of bitches
Hitting switches, switchin lane to lane
This tony yayo hoes know my name

[Chorus x2]

[Lil Boosie:]
Grain griipin pistol whipping up in my cadillac
Gave that bitch a half a pill, she turned to maniac
Light the dro fuck 5-0 nigga we handle that
The bitch up in the back yayo I call her fat back
It's drama, gotta be here to feed mama
Believe in jesus not barack obama
30 bitches, 10 niggaz when we roll so that's 3 a piece
1 for you, 1 for me, gun for you, gun for me
I'm in my caddy in the hood, in the hood
50 stacks in my lap I'm eating good, eating good
I wish ya would mayne I steal daughters fathers
Send em to a place where I'm no longer bothered
Drink the drank up in my cup
Gas tank is filled up
Bad bitch yea she grilled up
Pussy niggaz ya know what's up
Pimp hat like 50 cent te in my imparlour
Kinda dirty so I gave my lac a shower
Ice clean

[Chorus x2]
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