Lyrics to Cabin Fever
Think you problem solver, well, I'd fucking roll the dice, uh
Feelin' pretty bent up when I'm swervin' through the night, uh
Got a million bitches, and they tryna hit my line
And, I really wanna hit 'em, I ain't got no fuckin' time
Yeah, these stupid pussy bitches finna switch up when I'm done
Where their cash, where their women, they all fucking lose they mind
I just want some loyal brothers making money tryna grind, but
Y'all just wanna talk, man, that shit's so hard to find

Ah, keep playing pretend bitch, I don't give a fuck what you want
I don't give a fuck who you need, I don't give a fuck if you like who you think I am, I don't give a fuck if you like this, fucking drop what I want

They want that hype shit when you hear this you upset, uh
This ain't a party track you gonna play out with your friends
Yeah I got some fucking problems, we're all fucked in the end
When they fucking want me happy, I ain't fucking play pretend

Couple things I regret
Got some rope burn on my neck
They all fuckin' with me now
They ain't fuckin' with me then
Every day I'm in pain, fuckin' want this shit to end
Every day, not wake, I'm in fucking pain again