Lyrics to Bye, Kate
Bye, Kate Video:
This is a story that isn't very happy
On the fifteenth of January,
I went for coffee with my then boyfriend
Unaware it would soon come to an end

We talked and it was so ordinary
On that fifteenth of January
I cast away my slight distraction
The dead dying dead missing attraction

Suddenly, silence, my unhappy honey said,
"You're so amazing, you're smart and you're funny,
But you think I'm someone I really am not
I don't wanna hurt you, I think we should stop"

I thought I would cry or scream or something
But I just sat and stared feeling nothing
I guess I had known, I had known all along
I wish I cared more, it would make for better songs

He put on his coat and his scarf and his gloves
I was glad that I hadn't yet fallen in love
When there isn't much damage, there's not much to mend
He said, "Bye, Kate" and that was the end
That was the end, that was the end
We'll still be friends
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