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Lyrics to By My Side
By My Side Video:
(feat. 40 Glocc)

[Intro: 40Glocc]
Big bad...

I move on my instincts and practice by what I preach
A bullet'll make you think - I'm fuller then Hennessy.
When I pull it! - I pop it off, popping all at your car
Smashing off in the dark, through traffic I'm what you call
A gangsta that break them laws. a gangsta that keep it all.
Hood out in public, sagging, showing my drawers,
When my pistol by my pelvis, this ain't just another song!
It's a muthafucking anthem! "I got my hand up on my balls! "
Smoking on a cancer. - Fucking up my lungs!
Hitting niggas up like where the fuck you from
Acting like you strapped, nigga, where the fucking gun
Niggas quick to make a scene, the scene when the cops come
So you hit 'em with that beam to the spleen and blood you lost
Leave 'em sleeping on the street, choking on his own blood
Just coating this no love. - This fucking thing know what's up.
Respect is when you see us, so them choppers'll wet you up

[Chorus: 40Glocc]
Dipping on low bro's
And traffic in slow mo'.
Just me and my pistol,
I keep a she under clothes.
I love it just like my kids,
Treat her just like my bitch
Need her, she keep a clip,
I'm anxious to see her spit! [x2]

I get it, how I can get it, but never selling my soul
Can get it, how I wanna get it, I come the pistol.
Keep her with me, she needy, don't wanna be left alone.
What's the sense to leave her home? - Fuck around, I'm a danger!
She concealed til a nigga show his ass, I reveal her
Have you looking down the barrel - like you looking in the mirror.
Have you lying face down, but you hear me little clearer.
Got a little bad news and - guess who the bearer?
It's her! - That bitch, that chrome .4-5th
Your wrist looking blue - I'm on that brisk
You next in line - you on that list!
Put that pistol in your mouth, give her a big fat kiss. [kiss] (aaahhhhhhh!)
When I'm anxious, and dangerous to be around here.
This here! - Eddie Grier, muthafucka, I'm near
With that shiny bitch! - That grimy bitch!
And best believe, yo, she ain't no model bitch! [echoes]

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