Lyrics to Butterfingaz
Butterfingaz Video:
Verse 1: It's coming up to a year / And I don't know why / I still feel nervous / And I don't feel comfortable around ya / I'm gettin' deep in my career / But when you come see me / I get so speechless / Girl I think it's something about you Rise 1: Though everything's okay / To touch you I delay / Maybe it's the way you love me / Much to my dismay / My actions hesitate / Wanna let you know that you're giving me... Chorus: Butterfingaz / I don't know where to put my hands / I don't understand no these / Butterfingaz / I'm the envy of all the other men / But girl it's hard to hold your hands with these Verse 2: You've been waiting around / Wanting me to give you my heart / But my anxiety takes over me girl / I shiver at the sound (of your voice) / Without you girl I feel so lost / You're my lantern in the darkness Rise 2: And my nerves won't go away / When you ask if I'm okay / I pretend that I could not be better / When I read between the lines / Through you it's love I find / You could be the love of my life Chorus x2 Guitar solo Chorus x2

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