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Lyrics to Butchering The Enlightened
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This nation is forcefully shackled to the fatigued earth it endeavors standing on.
Ruled and overthrown by tyranny and dictatorship weakening it at its delicate knees.
Liberation is a fabricated expression only uttered by the propagandized swarm of illogical followers.
Men, woman and children all blindfolded and mislead to believe in a world of utter persuasion.
Striking terror in the eyes of the ignorant with public displays of manslaughter and execution grounds
To butcher the enlightened for what purpose? Because starvation for power mushrooms upward leaving leaders foaming
Across their malnourished, gaping jaws. Striking their iron hammers to fuck over the breathing bodies slaving
To conform to a lie build the gates to close the doorway from truth, slam the doors on reality
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