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[BizMarkie] I was sittin home, all alone when I heard the ring, on my telephone I picked it up, to see who could it be This girl I just met, her name was Tammy See I was surprised, cause she called me first She was one of the baddest in the universe I was just buggin cause she gave me a ring It was a Monday, and it started off with a bang She start the conversation over how was your weekend I did this that and the other with my friend Monique and Shaneeda, (She need a new hairdo?) We both laughed How you long you gonna be home? I gotta take a bath so I gave her two hours then I called her back You know I was ready, when I rolled a headcrack Cause when I asked, can I? She cut me off so tough and I gotta call you back - aww baby, you busy doin NUTTIN Chorus: BizMarkie's crew and the Diabolical B.D.N., B.D.N., B (repeat 2X) You're busy doin NUTTIN B.D.N., B.D.N., B (repeat 2X) You're busy doin NUTTIN B.D.N., B.D.N., B (repeat 2X) You're busy doin NUTTIN B.D.N., B.D.N., B B.D.N., B.D.N., BEEEEEEE!! [BizMarkie] Let me tell you a story bout a girl named Gilda She was from out of state, I was wonderin will the same thing happen to me like the deja vu Let me keep quiet, and go into a tale See I was chillin at the Chapter 3 Word is bond she looked divine, she looked as fly as can be I thought she was different cause she was by herself She looked real wholesome, and in good physical health I walked by, she said hi Ain't you the B-I-Z-the-emmaza-emmaza-A-R-K-I I said yes can I have the number to your home Are you allowed to call Jersey on your phone? She chuckled we exchanged, I went home joked about it how she was gonna be mine, with no doubt about it But everytime I call I say whassup muffin? I'm doin somethin now - aww baby, you busy doin NUTTIN Chorus [BizMarkie] Ahhhh, don't give me that! The last episode was at a club in the Bronx I was rockin with Capri who got a good response It was Backspin June, and Limo Driver Mike You chill in the car, cause clubs he didn't like So me and V went in just to look around Seein girls that had bass with sense around Then we all got on stage and rocked the house There were no fights in, not even out Slide, then we got in the car Saw two trillzadills shinin like a star One was with Mike, the other was with June Yo it's not gonna be theirs for soon So V got with Mike and hooked me with her sister If I knew she was like that, I woulda had dissed her Cause everytime me and V called them both up and they both were busy?! Nah - they're busy doin NUTTIN Chorus 3X [BizMarkie - speaking over last 2X] Ahhhh, don't even give me that! That's junk This goes out to all you bitches doin nuttin Ka-ka-cause that's all you be doin Am-am-I right B, am I right Doc am I right Shell, am I right V am I right am I right Sahai, am I right ? They don't be busy doin NUTTIN They go nowhere fast and then go backwards with Bart Simpson in the background All of a sudden roll like they got shot by the Apollo though Word up, I didn't even.. okay Bblabaldblablballl, ah!!

Songwriters: M. HALL, P. O'HEARN
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