Lyrics to Bush
Bush Video:
Put down all the guns that shot your heart out
Finish with the end and make a start now
George Bush would save me if I were drowning
Why won't you save my dark skinned brothers Bush?

Fucking out our brains to lose our egos
Self consciousness remains and it goes where we go
If I needed a ride George Bush would take me
Why won't you to take my Muslim brothers Bush?

Turned off all the screens and saw the starlight
October 04 after the Bush and Kerry fight
If I needed a hug George Bush would hug me
Why won't you hug my oily brothers Bush?

People know the truth by the sound of his voice
And he's telling his truth that he learned without choice
I'm telling you now George turn around man
Usurpers aren't throned at the walls of Zion
Power-whores get stoned at the banks of Eden
The lake of fire flows by the gate of heaven
You're alive now but you'll be a dead man
Bible class won't save you when you face the red man
Jesus told me everything that I just said and
Did you really think ends justifies the means George
Better pay attention to the good book now George Bush

Put down all the guns that shot your heart out
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