Lyrics to Bury Your Idols
Bury Your Idols Video:
Wake up distant dreamer time won't wait for you
Drown your sorrow
When the work is done and the sky has fallen too
Ride your mountain
Live for shouting, pay your moral dues don't hold your breath for the peace you wish for the fight is far from through

Bury your idols

Stand up all you screamers
Let em know your true
Prove your salt and walk the walk for vision
Lies in you
Make your moment rise and own it hold on to
Your roots of where you
Battled, where you shattered and how you learned to move bury your idols

You're the only one that'll mobilize your dream

Wake up distant dreamer trains
Won't wait for you
You're in the fight or you're sleeping tight, and bound to follow suit

Bury your idols
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