Lyrics to Bury My Heart
Bury My Heart Video:
when this intoxication fills your body
the bars of captivity seclude you from all
you knew your soul was gone
when darkness drowned your mind
and the feeling of weakness kills you
only the realization of your mind
will give you the power to regain your strength
don't let it take you
it destroyed you
it destroyed our culture
it destroyed you
it destroyed our youth
it destroyed you
and now your heart is buried
what is our society becoming when turn our backs on our friends
many of us are followers
and we choose the wrong path
now its time to stand on our own
far from the crowd
this time we stand out to prove ourselves
don't let the darkness of lies take over your mind
take back your life
and find your soul
so the poisons of this world won't keep you from reaching your goals
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