Lyrics to Bury Me
Bury Me Video:
They say today (Your admiration)
What we're after isn't (knows our sound)
In the way
What we live
(in the ') of years (You can do better)
From what I thought
Would take a million more (All the dude was found ')
Must've added wrong
Was the wife of the (can't have') there to see (Bury me)
Who wrote the law cause we're one reality (I'm already underground)
Had.........invisible......prove they're home (Bury me)
The...building box that.we live in with no air (Bury me)
The midnight markers every phone (Turning locusts to Atlantis)
They live ... the hits that he should've been (Flood the streets/Lick your canvas)
The clocks that were quirks' stand so sure (Show the world this ain't no one horse town)
When the ...takes the bill the rebels not in
It's a holiday, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah (Bury me, I'm already underground)

Please, please, someone anyone who knows what going on here tell me!
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