Lyrics to Burnt Bridges
Burnt Bridges Video:
there's a fire in your eyes
ambition makes it real
gaze cast above to lonely skies
searching for inspiration to reveal
reflections never change
just bring with them a strong regret
but if i walk away from this will i ever be able to reflect?

there's a fire in your heart
so clear for me to see
from the time we met until we part
i know you'll leave an impression on me
i wouldn't let you throw that all away
the catalyst that ever drives my will to stay
i'm not suggesting that you open up that door
reflection tells me i've been wrong on this before

i've been here through the hurt of every tear you've ever known
without you to console i'll never feel at home
will i ever feel at home?
my past is over turned
those bridges long since burned as patience comes in turn

enough with this disguise
'cause every fear i've ever known
and every trial i face just calls me back to home
i'm called back to my home

my past is over turned
i never thought i'd learn
that patience comes in turn
my past is over turned
those bridges long since burned
as far as fury is concerned
through this i've found a way to drown that fury

enough with this disguise
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