Lyrics to Burning Out
Burning Out Video:

I dont wanna take a step back
But Im running on emptiness
Were just no longer on the same track
And its killing me in every way


You take me in; shut me out, youre breaking me down
Tell me that Im the one, but I see through your lies
Its all misleading, you keep me bleeding
Its like Im burning out, burning out


Youre making me feel so alone
Baby just let me let go
Cuz I just cant escape your ghost
The fire you started once is now
Burning out, burning out
Im burning out, burning out
I just fade away
Were burning out, burning out
We keep on burning out, burning out


I cant find myself leaving
And it hurts with every breath I take
That I will never know the feeling
Of you loving me the same way



Have you ever even noticed
All the pain when you look into my eyes
Tell me, have you ever even thought about
that Im, Im burning out
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