Lyrics to Burning Heart
Burning Heart Video:
walk over cracks in the pavement,
i begin to wish that they would just envelop me,
because my heart's bruised and burning,
the pain of your absence just keeps on hurting.

cars' lights are blurred at the intersection,
streaks of neon stretch out in each direction
as i walk down the promenade,
the sun sets through the leaves in palisades park


how i miss you, as i watch the sunset,
miss you, as the golden sun dives into the sea,
miss you, as i watch the sunset,
miss you, i wish that you were here with me

couldn't say goodbye when you had to go,
oh how i miss you - you'll never know,
can't help but think that you're watching me,
can't help but hope you like what you see

the light is slowly fading now,
the stars are reflected in the sea
some grow weak in the red urban glow,
but your star's shining brightly and that lets me know


look at the mirror, it's no surprise
that tears are forming in the corners of my eyes
got to be happy that i knew you
still, i'm ashamed of what i didn't do

you know i'll never forget you
or the times we had, i'll miss you so,
and my heart's still bruised and burning,
and the tears turn into rivers i could never let you go
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