Lyrics to Burner
Burner Video:
[Only availible in Japan]

Cover the lies with lies it never ends. Tribulation cometh the days alas! With
a new set living a life of downright strength. All I believe the effects of it
all. Burn her! Burner! Reach for emotional greed. You're trying to regain what
you lost, you can't see. As a matter of fact we all bleed to dream. We all
feel deceived. We all die in spite of the lies! Burn Babylon! Burn Babylon!
Transcend to a level of action without thought. Meld mind body and bones I'm
becoming a new life form. Annihilate pain. Sacrifice my life to live on...
Burn Babylon! Burn Babylon! Born, bred, life come cover me, fight, fall, rise,
realize, this strife, cause, need, hope, dream, life fade away, pain, hatred,
god-like fake, useless lies...Fistful of empty promises. Another illu sion for
the vast majority. Mass produce Create to consume. I swear Kurtz was right
when he spoke..."Destroy, Exterminate them all..." Burn Babylon! Burn Babylon!
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