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Cop Shoot Cop

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Lyrics to Burn Your Bridges
Burn Your Bridges Video:
You got a crack in your window
I got a hole in my shadow
Know what you like, like what you know
Take your ball and go home
Are what you eat, eat what you are
Shit in a jar
Bite the hand that feeds you
Burn your bridges behind you

What you need, man, you can't buy at a liquor store
What you want, you can't carve out of soap
What you crave, you can't steal from the cookie jar
What you really need, You only find at the living end of a wrecking ball

This little piggy got wasted
This little piggy got laid
This little piggy had nothing to chew on
This little piggy didn't get paid

Burn your bridges behind you
I steal. Makes me feel good
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