Lyrics to Burn it Down
Burn it Down Video:
The other night I awoke in pain,
a dream of madness filled my brain.
Narrow minded, ignorant and blind,
almighty hypocrites wait for a sign!
I saw them long ago, march to a land,
a trail of blood marked in the sand.
The land called holy they had to release,
free it from pagans who lived there in peace.
In my mind I hear them pray,
it makes me shiver what they say.
To much falseness for me to take,
suddenly I feel the hate...

Burn it down, burn it down,
burn the walls right to the ground,
burn it down, burn it down,
I love the fires' sound!

In my dream I drift away
to the centre of their crimes.
Their power grows, the lies they stay,
In Rome where the evil rise's.
Burn the witches; hunt them down.
Betray the king and steel his crown.
Don't dare to oppose you brainwashed fools,
Or the wrath of god will come down on you!!!
And as the morning light appears,
the cries of the victims still fill my ears.
Too much falseness and ignorance make
me shiver and again I feel the hate


Reading the papers I know it's insane,
but nowadays not many things have changed.
There are still people killing in gods name,
But whatever they're called they are all the same.
So open your mind and make yourself free,
the choice is yours in what you believe.
Stay your own god be true to yourself,
build your own Kingdom forever to be!!!
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