Lyrics to Buried Deep
Buried Deep Video:
From the I?m starting to rememberAll that lies you told meThe broken promises, all falseness and deceitsAll those things are suddenly clear, I?m waking up againI see your face in front of mine, and I will never forgive youCan?t you see I?m out of pain, you can?t hurt me anymoreMy inner demons are all angels, taking care of meIn my dreams my fears still haunts me, but they lost control?I am home, buried deepI found home, down below?Heavens angels stopped to pray, my soul is ever lostI found my sanctum here on earth, a few feet down belowHeavens angels sings no more, I found my homeAll the beauty you possessed, all the things that you once wereIt has died, it?s buried deep, inside my buried heartNothing remains the same, I am waking up againYour face has started to started to fade, but I will never forgive you

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