Lyrics to Burial At Sea
Burial At Sea Video:
Hemlock baby passion flower
Arrachnidae sacrum ego tu
Cool air train
Moth paste goodies
Wiggling meal-worm pointing at you

You have mocked us
You have become unhinged
Death on a carpet
Cold in this outreach backyard cell
Sharp to think
Think to touch
Soothing movements
Paper for steel
Fairies dance on emerald leaves
They look best on hands and knees

Charred black pieces eaten by water
Chewchew droolwords
What did he say?
An accidental holy place
A fairy circle suicide day

Dropped hard to the earth
Twisted plaster face infection
Fractured wings are shed
Ripe for our inspection

Crystal conscience desert walker
Disturbing lizard's home
Hope the gas comes back intact
And the coyote is alone
Strawberry vortex
Seed in the meadow
A sorrow for jimmy means two in the bush
Bloated thighs and belly rot
We bless the tainted meat you've brought
I think a talk is in order, he said
The demon bowed and bared his head

Oh, fangs of salvation
Rip out my throat
Lamprey feed on priests
Thrown from the boat

Burial at sea
The father will take your confession
Burial at sea
Eyes to a headless procession
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