Lyrics to Burden
Burden Video:
I hear you whisper into my ear
You don't even care
This love for lust seems to be dying
Slowly, just like me
If only we could learn from eachother
Then maybe we could be in peace
If it bothers you that much
Then let me be

The longer you let it build up
I know that one of us
Is going to cry
I've seen this so much in my day
It tears me apart each and everyday
I'm so certain there's another way...

It's always been a burden for me
To confront anyone about this
But it's not all my fault
That I feel this way
It's been brought upon by others
I'm so sorry,

You worry, your worried about me?
I worry of your actions when you're deceived
An anger building a broken trust
It seems like dismantlement is a must
But don't burden yourself trying to resolve
Any problems you come across
It's only closure trying
To break on through into you
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