Lyrics to Burden
Burden Video:
Destiny roams the fields of burdens
Destiny lured into a pit with no grace, no grace...
No grace, no joy, no dreams, just waste
Being born, seeing light, to fall into the hands of no sight
Conceived bright light no sight
Evolving into blindness
Watching the masses collide
I choose from my menu of life
Pain, civilised, civilised pain...
Civilised, civilised pain, so much pain, power, power... playing power
Powerplay of Forces
Innocence buried into pits
Doing deeds of the norm
Overlooking observe people in need
Standing in the dark, coldness I'm shivering
I'm so cold, standing in the dark, cold... coldness
I'm shivering, driven, driving, driven, driving
Seal me in, locked out of sight, driven, driving, driven, driving
Driven the last of nails
Light which creeps from the cracks
I've seen throughout my life
Breaking promises like glass
Wonderland is fading
Faded I take my last breath
Conveived only to rest...
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