Bullets Whistle Lyrics

Tony Yayo

Gunpowder Guru

Lyrics to Bullets Whistle
Bullets Whistle Video:
My bullets whistle like
And fly right past your dome
My bullets whistle like
A 100 shots a nigga gone
My bullets whistle like
I got the typewriter tommy gun just like capone
My bullets whistle like
6 feet deep another homie gone

[Verse 1:]
We juggle women and we smuggling bricks
New 7 50 model huggin my dick
I send a hater, hater a postcard from paradise
The beach is sandy that money got the setting right
No money, less stress
Now all my enemies is in my book of death
I'm in that louie bomber
Yea my car is like the stealth bomber
I see popo I mash when I hit the corner
Money at the bar is the global economy
Global phone lear jet recession don't bother me
Hermeez slippers, fat ass sales
2 sisters I'm so ambitious like pharrell


[Verse 2:]
I'm far from a legend, I'l never be one
Street hall of fame die with a big gun
Like e-money or troy at the sports bar
I get money and blow it on a shook par
Interscope wanna divide and conquer
Momma always told me don't trust em
R.I.p to dary and albert
To get an education you need a 40 cal cause
Lock the doors, and hide your children
Shorty 13 years old and he dead on linen
Same day, different shit

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