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Save Ourselves

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Lyrics to Bulletproof Circles
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Did I dry those eyes? (Did I)
Did I waste my time? (Did I)
Trying to make you smile when I'm stuck in the middle,
Did I walk a mile? (Did I)
Did I drive you wild? (Did I)
Does it change a thing I guess not...

The funny thing is this,
It's not good to take those risks
When you're by the phone know ones at home
Nothing good can come from this

This is the last time you let me down.
Woah oh oh oh
I'm running out on you
And this is the last time you say goodbye
Please let me go
I'm running out on you

Did you tell a lie? (Did you)
Did you waste our time? (Did you)
Trying to cover it up when you know that's the problem
Did you go with him? (Did you)
Did you stay with him? (Did you)
I won't let this go
You've ruined the hope of making this right
I know...
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