Lyrics to Bullet Tooth Tony
Bullet Tooth Tony Video:
[Verse 1:]
It's lefty two guns, she's got me staring at her feet, body cold, I'm on my
Knees with the heat against my cheek.
I guess I'll play her little sex game, rub my hand across her thigh, her left
Hand moves forward, place the barrel between my eyes.
Now I got both barrels placed above my bread box, she looks nice in lacey
Guarder belts, I'm shaking in my socks.
She calls me Singapore sling, my eyes are on her fish nets, kind of like a
Dream the barrel smokes like cigarettes.
Now I got a new hole in the side of my face, wasting all of my grins, no
I can taste.
Now she hopes I'm erased, I can hear a pin drop, my topless assassin sheds a
Tear as we watch the guns drop.

I got a pretty little bullet cold lodged in my teeth, she's teasing in her
Guarder belt she's so high and mighty.
I got a pretty little bullet cold lodged in my teeth, it's all smoke and
Mirrors, but it's just so exciting. [x2] (but she said that she loved me)

[Verse 2:]
She's lefty two guns, wipes the barrel for residue, the other strap is in her
Panties, a pearl handled 22.
She shakes my hand and calls me lonely, now I'm know as bullet tooth, she
Her fingers across my face, as she stops to lick my wounds.
This little girl is so awkward, she placed a kiss inside my cheek, her bare
Chest touched my skin, the loss of breath has left me weak,
She calls me mommy's little monster, as I pass out on the floor, tainted
She grabs her guns as she walks out the door.

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