Built In Girls Lyrics

The Wrens

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Lyrics to Built In Girls
Built In Girls Video:
sweet pretty things set out in motion
painted to doll and sleek with grace
the city has no real need to be nervous it's seen it all before
measured out life in lipstick and lashes
it's easy when you've been given such charms
tease a little smile, pull back your hair
toss around, walk around, act like you care
it's built in girls so naturally
built in girls and it's all that they'll ever need
just turn around and tell me you love me
spit out the words that you'll make sincere
there is no time for decisions or countless revisions
i've heard them all before
so don't pretend to be so true when you got him coming through
when everything you wanted has turned to nothing more
don't say i never warned you, it's well known
something has been happening here for years
i'm not worried รข?? i can always come back crawling to you
begging for forgiveness in the honest degrees
talking through some circles with the greatest of ease
these are the assumptions and these are the times
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