Building Up Walls Lyrics


Acoustic EP

Lyrics to Building Up Walls
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(Lyrics by: Chris Jackson, Tyler Anderson and Andy Meyers)
(Music by: waketheday)

So many ways to shame and I've learned them all
A different face for every vice I live
So many pieces and I've played them all
Another move for checkmate in my soul
The simple struggle is burned in my mind
And it sinks far beyond where reason lives
The perfect puzzle all pieces in line
But I can't seem to find the fit thats right

We say these things are all true - but what has happened to love?
I'm so devouted to you - why do you say I don't show?
I'm lost for you
I'd thought I'd won
I've come undone

I've played the fool for far too long and I see
This failing heart is breaking all too fast
We've spent so many days that I can't recall
I want you mine - I hope this pain won't last

We say these things are all true - but what has happened to love?
I'm just reminded of you - why do you say it's not so?
I'm lost for you
I'd thought I'd won

What have we become?

We are broken yet ready to fight
We've been given the chance to make our wrongs right
But why don't we, why don't we see it through?

Held captive by language the world do we blame
And given the chance that it all turns to rain
Would we drown, or could we wade it out?

We're skeptics gone critics, all falling down
And a house of cards holds a better chance to stand proud
And I'm not through, no I'm not through right now

And amidst of the pain well we all run and hide
Turn our backs on love and hope we go blind
Well why can't we see that love is the answer to it all?

So just take the chance maybe risk, maybe fall
We'll find there's more to life than building up walls
But we must take the chance before we will know
Before we will know

(Thanks to ktanders for these lyrics)
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