Lyrics to Bud's Sea-Mint Boat
Bud's Sea-Mint Boat Video:
He lived his life a civil service man
Designing toilets for the space program
He believed if we could go to the moon
There's nothing on earth a man can't do

So he ordered a ton of sand and clay
In his front yard he built a frame
Most folks said it'll never float
Still they came to see Bud's cement boat

A dream is anything that you want it to be
For some it's fame and fortune but for others concrete
Sometimes you just gotta follow your heart
No matter where it leads

He gave up fishing and most of his friends
Worked all night and every weekend
But he didn't mind the sacrifice
Cause he'd build a boat that's one of a kind

Well the neighbors thought it was a real eyesore
They'd say hey Bud what are ya building that for
And knowing they would never understand
He'd just smile and say because I can

Well he got laid off in seventy-four
And they don't go to the moon anymore
But down around the Alabama coast
She still floats Bud's Sea-Mint boat
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