Buddy Bolden's Blues Lyrics

Kasey Anderson

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Lyrics to Buddy Bolden's Blues
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Hey Tom, you got any whiskey?
This bottle's spent
I been out there in the rain
Just trying to figure out where
Canal Street ends
I stopped over by Emma's
Boy, we had a ball
Walked in with a handful of money
Left two minutes later
With nothing at all
All I got is my horn
Hey tom, let me play you this song
I know it's getting late
I won't keep you long

I found this horn in a gutter
Cleaned it up, made it work
Now everybody comes 'round
To hear me playing pepper rag
Down in Lincoln Park
But my hands won't stop tremblin
And death's been banging around my dreams
And sometimes at night I swear
I hear my little babies scream
And sometimes I can't breathe
The air gets thick in my mouth
So open up that windown
Let the breeze blow out

I can finally feel that whiskey
It's running around my brain
So tonight I'm gonna walk back out
Into that storm
And let it carry me away
Tell Nora I love her
Tell Hattie goodbye
And if my momma asks
Just tell her I'm doing fine
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