Lyrics to Buck With Me
Buck With Me Video:
[Criminal Mane]
Now just bounce both shoulders
Get buck wild, throw a boulder
Gangsta walk if you can
If you can't move on over
You know the start of this show
Let some playas in the door
Ladies bounce they rump shaker
Make the fellas wanna go
Straight to the room you know the biz
Ain't no personal complaints
Drunk fools up on this shit to relax let playaz on that dank
Drunk and swangin better maintain somebody wilder than you
Bitch job on corruption now you callin' on yo crew
No need for fightin' or dislikin' when they take you to jail
Lower level tryin to make bond, damn near cold as hell
Stay teachin' waitin' tryin' to be patient ain't no cowards in here
It's like a fight when we in the ring
I'm Tyson bitin' off yo ear
So get crunk get buck
Get wild throw it up
Represent who you wit face the fact
Now what's up
It's a party that we started and it's on like PP
Dance floors wall hangers if you can buck with me

[Chorus: x2]
Get crunk if you feel it
Buck wild if you dig it
Throw yo hood represent
Club destroy that's the business
Wildin' daily flat parlayin'
Ain't no party like PP
Dance floors wall hangers if you can buck with me

As I stroll through the crowd tryin to breathe through this dopey smoke
Women wanting to be tossin' me placing me under the microscope
But I hope they know I'm only here for a while and I'll be gone
Before they know it she don't care lookin' sexy tryin to throw it
Thinkin' I'm goin' but I'm just watchin' lip syncin'
(woman: Can I slob it?)
Wanna take me back to the room just to prove that she can swallow
Wanted me to make her holla
You don't wanna follow none of this thug miss
Probably get you sprung miss my advice to you is get buck with this
Get crunk with this
Get yo groove on before you kneel
Ain't no party like PP but nobody'll stand still
You know the deal first they pause
Then they runnin' up out the club
Cuz somebody got the buck
F-ing it up for all of us
Where the love at I've been to a lot of gang related cities
But we're all blackened Family we throw the F to represent
We ain't finished it's just the beginning, verse two here comes three
Re-Fill your Henessey light your green and buck with me

[Chorus x2]

[Criminal Mane]
Back to back buckin'
All my dogs strugglein'
Crowd loud thuggin'
Hot women bustin'
Bouncin' fast shake that (shhhh)
Memphis Tenn. is my city
Where we started gangsta walkin'
In the club ain't no pitty
If you weak don't jump
That the drama tear it up
Break the law we gotta do it
If we don't it's tore up
It's a party we done started
And it's blown with PP
Dance floors wall hangers if you can buck with me

They hollerin' last call for alcohol
Meanin' everybody get ready to get the hell up out the club
You might as well get on up and get buck
One mo' gin with yo Henn (Hennesse) friend up
And shut this whole venue down Memphis style now say it loud

[Chorus x3]
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