Lyrics to Bubblin' Up
Bubblin' Up Video:
I used to be a prancer,
A one-eyed song and dancer,
But eyes for true romance
I didn't even try.
I'd get 'em and forget 'em,
But I never could stay with 'em,
Cause I thought my well of love had done run dry.

But now it's bubblin' up.
I feel it bubblin' up.
And you can't hold back this true love
No matter what you do,
Because it's bubblin' up.
(You can hear it, baby.)
It's bubblin' up,
And it'll soon be bubblin' over just for you
(Get that look off your face!)

I know that when I met you,
You loved me and I let you,
But I'd gladly bet you
That it wouldn't last too long.
But I had no way of knowing
That this thing would keep on growin',
And now the feeling still is going strong

And yes it's bubblin' up.
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