Bruce Campbell Blood Flood, Baby! Lyrics

They Shake the Earth

As Hope Descends The Ocean Depths

Lyrics to Bruce Campbell Blood Flood, Baby!
Bruce Campbell Blood Flood, Baby! Video:
Oh God! What have I done?
My clothes are stained by loved ones blood.

"Hell must be over crowded for the Earth is tinted red
underneath the sanguine shadow casted by the walking dead.
Famine plagues the living while the evil beings feast.
Mankind has fallen victim to the rise of deceased."

Here comes the flood of rotting flesh
to wash away the stench of innocence.
The Ark is gone. There's nothing left
to shelter us from righteousness.

"How can one have faith in God when God has given up?
(Oh God)
How can you believe in love yet kill your flesh and blood?
(These Walls)
Noah saw it coming, but we never had a chance.
(Won't Stand)
God has turned away from us without a second glance!"
(For Long Without a Second Glance)

We are not worthy, of your sympathy, of your glory!
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