Lyrics to B.r.s.o.b.
B.r.s.o.b. Video:
Well I was born in the wild raised in a cave
Ridin' spiinin' bulls is all I'd crave
i remember breakin' out windows
Tearin' down doors
Takin' out virgins and bringing back whores
cause i'm wild and wreckless
From known Texas I don't like supper but I sure like breakfast
Daddy he was hung as a horse thief
And momma she was burned as a witch
I got 14 sisters who work in a whore house and me
I'm a bull ridin' son of a bitch

To home girls and hookers
and horses that buck
well I been playin the bars
And they have been good luck
Well i'm a rodeo cowboy
I don't know why i am
Well ol Peewee rides a bull
And ol boogy on drugs with sam

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