Lyrics to Brownie Hawkeye
Brownie Hawkeye Video:
You took your
brownie hawkeye
and pointed it up
at the sky
you just let the
shutter fly

all of your friends
still wonder why
you were never good
with a goodbye
you just turned your back
and let it slide

i try to remember the words
i once heard
you spoke them with courage

you never deserved
all of that
that they let you carry

few were the firsts
for sure
you were the first to be married

stars went wheeling across the sky
silloetted the tops of the bending pines
summer was high
we were storming inside

the morning glories
bloomed by moonlight
we get that picture
in your mind
'cause of all the smoke
in our eyes

i took a piss
on the wall
out back of the mall
you drank the last of the sherri

green grass stains
on your bare feet
on the dash
of your mother's Chevy

I guess it was hard to quit
which you won't admit
to beginning

we vamped(?) from shoulder
to shoulder
we?ll never grow up
we just got older

i chewed a hole
right through my heart
from the very start
anticipating the myth of you

(Thanks to Isabella for these lyrics)
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