Brown Recluse Lyrics

Howe Gelb

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Lyrics to Brown Recluse
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So I was at a party. And you can only Pick one person that you can feel Comfortable with and discuss the Fleeting moment with,,, here At Josies House. So he picks her father. And he stands Next to him, like old friends do. And they go beyond the weather Although the weather is important these Days... And they linger on life itself. And they nurture iced drinks. Bloody Marys, made very well. And the younger man speaks: "I'm gonna Have a fine daughter someday With another man's daughter and It might as well be yours. Josie's dad hauls off and he Loves this guy with a kidney punch To his heart. Yeah, he loves this Guy on the floor, bathed in bloody Maryand Josie's lipstick lips Mixes well on the kid's stupid smile on the floor. If you look good being foolish And handsome romancing the inevitable End. Then lady luck can be a car. And dinasaur skin fits all the way in Pushes the little needle every mile Is another page. Every hour lined with A thousand things to pull you apart. Every minute a slice of glory Every Kiss a whole 'nuther story With this girl who thinks you look good

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