Lyrics to Brother
Brother Video:
All across the water
Oh little brother
What did you find?
And did it all make sense
Outside of the room
You left behind?
Was it easier on you
Without me
In your life?
I didn't realise
I was so guilty of letting you down

Time all this time
And I still don't know
What I did
Time all this time
And I still don't know

But it seems
All in all
I guess I
Can't make this better
Little boy
Are you still hiding under your hood
Through it all
I guess I'm still chasing shadows
Little boy I thought you knew
I was a child too

Staring at your picture
You're getting older
I didn't know
She said your name out loud
I swallowed it down
Into the hole
You were once forever
You were my laughter
My home
Does none of this
Mean nothing to you any more?
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