Lyrics to Broking Downn
Broking Downn Video:
velvety fabrics on the back of my neck
barter with the owner, see what i can get instead
if i come home again with beans
my mama won't love me anymore
last week i sold my mule for a magical feather
but it didn't help me fly
that's why, and you can see, I'm broking down.

sleep is for the tired, rest is for the weary
i've tried 256 times and i've given up
money's for the working cards are for the loved
flowers are for the dead, in the ground not up above

bags filled with department store fruit juice
a hundred eyes all aboard the L
dark compartments holding their secrets
from blind willie mctell

stained stale brains in satin hell
suitcase of cash down a wishing well
come to me, cause i need this now
don't care if it seems lowbrow, she said

get away, don't know you well
see you looking, can spot your tell
upside-down newspaper eye holes cut out
"come any closer man, i'm gonna fucking shout"

smog erupts, and the factory doors
blow wide open, we're talking gale force
knocks me down, onto my back
catch and release, she's set the trap, it's her fault

officer come on, was just fooling around
walking behind her 50 feet going stag
sure, there might've been binoculars in my bag
and 22 feet of rope, well that was my bad
the hunting knife i didn't think i had

so now I'm free in a jail for my mind
you won't have to worry about looking behind
it'll be a while till i get out for my crimes
so keep pretty we'll meet again in time

stained stale brain in concrete hell
one penny saved from a wishing well
drowning below, wanted out i could tell
a penny earned, one more thing you can sell
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