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Lyrics to Broken Wings
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Chorus:Take this broken wingsAnd learn to fly again, learn to live so freeAnd when we hear the voices singThe book of love will open upAnd let us inSo take this broken wingsAnd learn to fly again, learn to live so freeSo take this broken wingsCreapin' upon the microphoneIt's C-Block we dipppin' cleanFloss with funky flavor down with Misty 'n' Goldie GWe rippin' this shit near rappin' this shitWe layin' the tracks and flippin' the scriptDroppin' the lyrics producin' a songChecked the mic 1-2 it's onRigity Red bigity BlackGet up wit this you can't go backTisket tasked cock the hamma blast itHomies try to flexYour pain in a casketYou're takin' a chance you're rollin' the diceYou loose your luck you lose your lifeCheck yourself punkBefore a reck that ass punkDon't make me have to take you for a rideIn my trunkI said excuses, excusesI'm not tryin' to hear your styleIs boody by nature so get on out a hereYa said ya could have necked the micBut you came too lateYou said you could have hyped the crowdBut your shit sounds fakeYou would have stepped up on the stageBut you was scared to get slammedYou woulda, you coulda, you shouldaBut you didn't dammChorusBroken wings, symbolistic of another statisticIn this jungle scene gone ballisticRealisticly the buck stopsOn an innocent childWith the word "can't"Spoken from a white smileA system made to degrate dictate on the uneducatedAnd then wanna fade frustratedBrthas when they infiltrate itSouls lost to the blaze like bombayStruttin' with a sashayTill doomsday per seNow I'ma flip this session over to the positiveSo listen closely to the message that I'm gonna giveI refuse to misuseMy god given talentAnd induce to diffuse all those who are mad about itAnd if you're seekingTo take your life upon another statusYou need to believeThat if you lean you nede to get back itAnd when you're struggling in this gameJust put your head up highThe skillls will come to mend your wings and flyChorus

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