Lyrics to Broken Language, Pt. 2
Broken Language, Pt. 2 Video:
(feat. Smoothe Da Hustler)

Here come the overdoers
Peace to Shane and Kane, we ain't got beef so don't ask
We just give props to old schoolers
I was the first one settin', the first one steppin'
The first chump to threaten
Saw me last 'cause I was the first one wettin'
Indivisible pistol holder with the barrell switchable
The D.A. witness is admissable
So whatever shoe size get your shoe tied
Crew fried, fricasee, burnt like tubes tied
And my crew lies on the outskirts to do guys
Me gettin' felonies got jealousy running through guys
Get the picture? The weight shifter
The fist that killed Hitler
The rib twister, the four fifther
Stick-up class dismisser
Back stabber, crew grabber, double-crosser
Homicide, lost and found body tosser
Technical incredible veteran
Break and chew emcees like Charleston Chew, jewel 'em like medicine
Rep with sluggers, heat stinging street muggers
drama bringers, money swingers, down to face brothers
The laced brothers, same murder case brothers
That erase brothers, hurt others
Cock back and hurt brothers
Fuck the gimmick, nigga, just push me to the limit
And I'm in it to win it, when crews start shit, it get finished
The shottie through, shot the body blow
The plan to stick who? John Gotti, oh, my potty flow
Shittin', consecutive hittin', 300 GS and
Clock tickin', plot thicken, no BSin'
I run with half a hundred, illegal funded
45 I gun with, 5 I hung with
The crave money capin', Homicidal money takin'
One to the belly, leave a dummy shakin', tummy achin'
I stop tapes, pop trey-eights and take premises
Me and my kin in this went from boys to men in this, beginning this
The body splatterer
[Trigga] The blood spitters
[Smoothe] Money scavengers
[Trigga] The stunt hitters
[Smoothe] Bank vault assault and batterers
The shatterer, never ending blending
Showdown, barrel hit chest sending
Hitman for hire, money spending
The stick man, switch from illegal to legit man
Get rich man, vic man, three card molly slick man
You slow, sinking in my quicksand
No maybe, if, ands
Or butts about it
The sneak over fuck your babysitter nigga, what about it?
The felonist, stainless to the steel like a terrorist
You named us to the hill and I got evidence
No presidents, no residence, I see no relevance
Tell 'em this: They don't want it like they celibate

(Yo, fuck that. Alot of niggas poppin' that shit out there, man.
They know our motherfuckin' players is official, nigga)

From the first day I took rap serious had 'em petro
I heard Pacheco tellin' Pop they want us wet though
But see me in the ghetto
Keep a hold of your stainless
I'mma lead the world straight into the death row with a death blow
We ain't no joke, we used to let the gun smoke and told 'em
Stay holdin' from off the language we broke you rollin'
And I'mma sling mine, bring mine, to the ring ding I'm
Up in your ass like gays up north in Sing Sing, I'm
You ain't gotta sweat it, If they ever jump, I won't let it
If I got a vibe that it's going down, I'm gon' set it
And I bet it, to the day I die my tec could wet it
The war is on, lace up, for the Saratoga armageddon, psycho like Bates
Ill like sickle cell traits
My game is long, money, half-a-mil for my ten estates
The meat cleaver, morgue chopper, the click bender
Back up on the eighth, cop on the sing, highway to heaven sender
The competitor, street editor, be ready or
Be buried a-live, get flipped like my cellular on the regular
Heavy packin', burner steady clappin'
The turn a petty rapper spaghetti, pasta
Hasta la vista, meet the sweeper
Glad to meet 'cha, bodybag to greet 'cha
Pimpin' this track like a preacher, I teach ya
All a lesson and my blessin's
First name Tawan, Last name Smith without the Wesson
Ain't no question, we ain't askin', only blastin'
Front page flash and the action without the Jackson
[Smoothe & Trigga]
And bitin' it'll make you choke, you can't provoke
You can't cope, language is broke, because we ain't no joke
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