Broken Hearts On Concrete Floor Lyrics

Dashboard Confessional

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Lyrics to Broken Hearts On Concrete Floor
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Always assuming the worstBut you going on NonethelessAnd theres nothing to Cushion your heart Let fallLetters from further awayKeep pulling me closerTo homeWhen there's something toCushion my callous eyesAnd I know that you hope for Long, good, good-byesAnd bracing for foreverFalling in your eyesIn your eyesYour eyesPouring over photographsI'm living in your lettersBreath deeply from this EnvelopeIt smells like youAnd I can't be Without That scent It's filling me With all you mean to meTo meContinually failing these trialsBut you stand by meNonethelessAnd you won't let me sinkThough I'm begging youI'm begging youPhone calls from further awayAnd messages on my machineBut I don't ever tell youThis distance seems terribleThere's no need To test my heartWith useless spaceThese roads go on foreverThere'll always be a placeFor you in my heartSo I hit the pavementIt's got to be betterThan waitingAnd pushing you far awayCuz I'm scaredSo I'll take my chances And head on my way on up thereCuz Eternity to youIs like falling in loveWhen you're down

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