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Carter Family

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Lyrics to Broken Engagment
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They were standing by the window
As the breeze did kiss her cheek
He had waited long in silence
Waited long for her to speak

Then at last she whispered softly
As she raised those tear-stained eyes
With a look so full of angry
That it filled him with surprise

Oh, they say you love another
That you never did love me
If those words be true, my darling
I'll forever set you free

Oh, they're true, my dear, he answered
By the shining stars above
When they told you my intentions
Then they told you of my love

When we meet, we meet as strangers
On the streets just pass me by
But don't think that I don't love you
For to save your life I'd die

Oh, he's gone, her pale lips quiver
Left me standing at the gate
Tell, oh, tell him for me, sister
That his message came too late

Goodbye, darling, I must leave you
As he grasped those outstretched hands
Covered them with burning kisses
Saying, God will understand

He was standing by her casket
As he looked upon her face
Then he realized that he loved her
And no one could take her place
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