Lyrics to Broke
Broke Video:
Broke accounts, hell I broke a sweat.
Bought some things I sort of regret about now.
I broke your glasses but I broke the ice.
You said that I was an asshole and I paid the price.
Broken hearts while I've broken necks.
I've done some things that I'd love to forget but I can't.

I broke my pace and my appetite.
Sometimes I'm so full of shit that it should be a crime.
I broke a promise cause my car broke down.
Such a classic excuse to shove your bronze for now.

Woke up and I'ma lose somehow.
It's the end of discussions that just go round and round,
and round
and round and round and round, round and round.
They should have been anyway.
Laying and wait, laying and wait, laying and wait.
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